DACH Junko  Herbal Skincare Series

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Junko Herbal Beauty Soap

  • High-levels of organic cleansing properties effectively remove secretions & impurities accumulated in the pores
  • Natural antibacterial properties assist in eliminating & discouraging bacterial activity
  • Natural active elements maintain a balance of pH levels of the outer epidermis, enhance the natural defenses of skin & prevent skin allergies

Can be used as a cleansing soap as well as a makeup remover. It is easy to use & gentle on the skin, ideal for all man & women, young or old


Junko Herbal Mask

  • Softens the cuticles, deep cleanses and subsequently help tighten the pores. Oil & sebum are absorbed from the surface of the skin, broken down and eliminated.
  • Stimulates skin rejuvenation via the improvement of blood vessel circulation just beneath the skin.
  • Directly moisturizes skin as it slowly penetrates skin and allows the nutriments in the formulation to reach the different layers of skin cell types.


 Junko Hydrating Moisturizer Gel

  • Provides nutrients and replenish the water content of the skin cells 
  • Removes free radicals & stimulates the healing process of the skin
  • Brings elasticity, smoothness and radiance to the complexion















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