DACH Junko All Natural Skincare Series 

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Junko Herbal Newash uses natural plant cleansing components to effectively:

  • Deep cleanses dirt and makeup
  • Aids rapid elimination of bacteria & effectively controls the growth of mites
  • Maintains a balance pH level 

Frequent usage leaves the skin clear, smooth, tender and restored to its natural gleam.



Junko Prolong Lotion is specially formulated according to the needs required by persons of 35 years and below by:

  • Accelerating of the skin's metabolism
  • Promoting luminosity
  • Balancing & reviving the skin to produce lustrous, delicate and supple complexion

Frequent usage prevents & reduces the formation of wrinkles, preserving the sheen and youthful radiance of the skin.



Junko Nutritional Moisturising Gel contains unique penetrating fats and hydrating penetrating fats and hydrating crystal gel that's rapidly absorbed to: 

  • Produce dual directional hydrating film 
  • Maintain a balance in the skin's oil, moisture and hydrating content
  • Enhance the firmness and resistance of all skin cells

 Protect from UV rays, environment pollution and cosmetic products



Junko Renewal Lotion is specially formulated to rectify skin problems encountered by persons of 35 years and above as it:

  • Boosts the skin's microcirculation
  • Amply replenishes nutrients & moisture needed by the skin
  • Prevents skin from becoming rough and dry

Frequent usage reduces fine lines and regains the skin's luster, tenderness & elasticity.




Junko Cooling Lava is formed when ashes from volcano eruptions floats down to the low-lying lands surrounding the volcanoes and mix the mud in it. They are left to immerse in cool mineral spring water for over 600 thousands years, thus forming volcano cool mineral slurry. As the cool mineral slurry contains 25 organic substances & 28 trace elements, it can:

  • Maintain & regulate skin
  • Improve biological function of the body's blood circulation
  • Boost the skin's hydrating effect

With these functions, aged skin is improved thus giving you lightened smooth & lustrous skin.



Junko Anti-wrinkle Gel produces great results for problems caused by clogged pores & long-term cosmetics usage. It also has exceptional results in tightening the skin and reducing eye bags, swollen eyes and dark rings because it:

  • Accelerates blood circulationj
  • Capable of retaining moisture around the eye region

Rapid nourishment & revitalization properties help to repair premature fine and dry lines caused by lack of moisture.


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