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DACH Enterprise Pte Ltd was established since year 1996 specializing in health and beauty products. Dach is licensed in the sales of Chinese tonics and Traditional Medicines and all products are being tested and approved for sale by the regulatory boards.

DACH mainly deals with natural health products that originate from Mainland China since the 90's. DACH has also established close partnerships with many well-known researchers, doctors, Chinese physicians, nutritionists as well as scientists in Canada ,China and etc... to bring you the many health products which aids in your personal well-being. By means of the strategic geographical location of Singapore in the South East Asia, DACH collaborates with China to bring these beneficial health products into the market. Branding them under the DACH health products series, aims to bring such superior products to South East Asia and introduce them to the rest of the world.

Since Year 2000, DACH has made several collaborations in modern health science researches with countries like China, America, Canada, Australia, Japan, etc., in order to bring forth the many products to meet the current market needs. DACH has not only excelled in Chinese tonics and Traditional Medicines but also transformed many medicinal researches from the North America into effective products which brings boosts in both health and the economy.

In the recent years, DACH established partnerships with Canadian research departments in the research of cardio logical, immunology, neurology and anti-aging products. These efforts have not been in vain and were approved and recognized by the Canadian health science authorities, bringing tremendous impact in the North American market. In 2007 onward, all single products had submitted to the relevant Authorities for registration before sale of these products in Singapore, bringing you more health benefits.

Over the years, DACH has successfully brought you 5 main series of products and other merchandise which includes:

Natural Chinese Herbal Products
Ling Zhi(reconditions the body of weak constitution)


Natural Cosmetics
Junko Natural Basic Skincare Range (Originated from Japan. Nourishes and beautifies the skin with nutrients which penetrate through the cells to improve absorption by our body. Range consists of the beauty soap, beauty mask, and beauty lotions)

Junko/AYA Series of Cosmetics (Using natural materials and through the use of modern methodology brings forth Junko/AYA which focus on Asian skin types. Range includes Newash,Cooling Lava Mask, Prolong and Renewal Lotion, Moisturising Gel & etc.....
Natural Biological Products

1. HeartWin (approved for sale in Singapore)

Natural Health Tonics / Supplements
Propolis Softgel
2. OPC+ (propolis with grape seed extract)

Further Research Investment on Healthcare Products Equipments and Others :
* Water purification equipments and accessories
* Beauty equipments
* Equipments & test kit on bone
* Cells and stem cells test kit
* Bio-Antibiotic replacement on normal Antibiotic for animals

DACH has progressed over the past years in both local and international markets and owes all these to our patrons and dealers who have been giving us continuous supports. DACH will continue in our developments and research efforts to bringing you more beneficial health products. Sincerely hope to welcome more health conscious people out there to contact us in creating a healthier future.



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